Who is eligible to apply to the program?

Undergraduate students, graduate students and young professionals between the ages of 18-28 are eligible to apply.

Who is the target audience?

The program is designed for students and professionals from any academic background who are interested in developing a more deeply rooted Islamic perspective in their respective fields. Individuals from a wide range of academic and/or professional interests ranging from the social sciences to engineering are welcome. However, a demonstrated prior interest in social studies/ community engagement and a basic level of Islamic knowledge are necessary for the successful completion of the preparatory readings and in-class assignments.  


Do attendants have to stay in the arranged accommodation during the program?

Yes, students are expected to stay at the arranged accommodations during the program to establish companionship among students and facilitate collaboration on the student projects during the program. The accommodation for men and women will be separate. Upon request, exceptions can be made for married couples and for other special cases.

Are the weekend trips mandatory?

Yes, students are expected to attend all the scheduled activities during the program.

Is there any accommodation for mothers with children?

Yes, there will be accommodation available for mothers with children. Upon request, we might be able to provide day care facilities.

Is there accommodation for people with disabilities?

Yes, we will provide accommodation for students with disabilities. We would appreciate if you specify any accommodation request in the application. If you have already submitted your application you can leave us a message on our contact page or contact us at ihsanacademy@ihu.edu.tr.  

What is the gender distribution of the program?

Our program welcomes sisters as well as brothers.

Will the program be gender-segregated?

This program intends to bring together a bright group of Muslims who want to usher a transformation for the better as Muslim individuals, families and societies. Therefore we expect our attendants to abide by the Shar’ī rulings on gender relations and observe the appropriate etiquette-ādāb while they are interacting with their classmates. The lectures and discussions will not be separate. The accommodation will be gender-segregated.


Can I just join for the weekend trips?

No. Full-time students are also not encouraged to invite friends from outside to join the trips.

Can I join the program for just a few weeks?

No. The program is designed to provide a holistic experience, with all of the modules and retreats complementing each other. However, if you will have to miss just a few days, please contact us at ihsanacademy@ihu.edu.tr for case-by-case consideration.


I cannot afford the fee, can I still attend?

Of course. Please see our financial aid application. We have partial and full aid available for students in need.


Does the program offer a certificate, ijazah or credit?

Ibn Haldun university will award 1 class worth credits upon request.

What is the expected weekly workload?

Students are expected to study 10 hours outside of class during the week.

Are there any social activities?

Yes, there will be social activities that will enable students to relax and enjoy the beautiful city of Istanbul.

Are there any opportunities for receiving mentorship?

Yes. This is one of the reasons we are only accepting a limited number of students. We believe in the importance of close companionship while seeking knowledge.