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“Living Islam in the 21st Century and Beyond”

Ihsan Academy is a four-week summer intensive program in Istanbul designed to equip participants with the foundational traditional knowledge, spiritual understanding, and critical thinking skills required to think and live as conscious Muslims in the modern world. The program aims to connect scholars of the Islamic tradition with young students and professionals from a variety of disciplines to study the role of Islam in the modern world and develop perspectives and approaches rooted in the Islamic tradition to tackle the pressing issues of our time.

A Living Tradition

The “Ummah Classics” module aims to immerse students into the rich intellectual and spiritual traditions of Islam in order to provide them with the holistic grounding and vision required to tackle the intellectual and ethical issues facing Muslims today. We at Ihsan Academy are convinced that only a society with a strong societal memory can author its own history according to its will, in our case, the Will of Allah . Students will thus study select classical Islamic texts like the Riyād al-Sālihīn, Ihyā ‘Ulūm al-Dīn, Aqida Tahawiyya and Muqaddima, and bring them to bear on contemporary issues with leading scholars.

Understanding the Modern World

In the “Modern Themes” module, students will learn to critically engage with the question of Islam in modernity by studying both the emergence of the modern and the evolution of Muslim societies vis-à-vis  the current Western-authored paradigm, from historical and philosophical dimensions. Topics will include, inter alia, liberalism, postmodernism, capitalism, colonialism, and Islamic modernism. The goal of this module is to not simply provide an academic overview of the subjects, but to continuously put these philosophies and ideologies into conversation with the Islamic tradition, which will allow for a more informed and nuanced examination of how we should think and live as Muslims in the modern world.

Rebuilding Islamic Civilization

The “Contemporary Challenges” module will provide students with the opportunity to discuss contemporary Islamic issues with leading scholars and expert practitioners from various disciplines. Students will also work on projects where they will analyze their own fields through Islamic lenses and develop a practical approach to transforming their own fields of study.


Modules on the Islamic tradition, modernity, and contemporary challenges will be taught by world-renowned scholars in their respective fields. Below are some of our instructors. Learn about all of our 15 instructors.

A Program For the Mind and the Spirit

Ihsan Academy emphasizes living a meaningful and productive life shaped and colored in all aspects by Islam. We believe this is only achievable if we are both mentally and spiritually connected to the Prophetic ﷺ heritage. Towards that goal, we are taking full advantage of our location at the heart of one of the pinnacles of Muslim Civilization, Istanbul, the splendid capital of the Ottoman Empire, and organizing trips to other destinations with rich cultural, historical, spiritual and natural value. Click here to learn more about the trips.

At a Center of Cultivation: Yenikapı Mevlevihanesi

The summer intensive will take place at Yenikapı Mevlevihanesi, a centuries-long spiritual, cultural, and intellectual center of Ottoman Istanbul, which graduated famous spiritual leaders, politicians, intellectuals, and artists of the Muslim World. Yenikapı Mevlevihanesi currently hosts the Alliance of Civilizations Institute of Ibn Haldun University.


July 30th – August 25th at Istanbul


At student dorms by Ibn Haldun University


Apply by May 1st

Applications on rolling basis


Tuition, accommodation, food, and trips will be covered by Ihsan Academy. There will be a $400 registration and logistics fee, and your own travel expenses. Partial and full financial aid for the fee is available. 

 You can find more details at our application page.

Ihsan Academy is a program by Ibn Haldun University.

Brought to you by students from Georgetown, Harvard, MIT, and Wellesley in the US, and Boğaziçi University in Turkey, and scholars from various academic and Islamic institutions around the world. Learn more about us and our vision.